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This is my wrestling tape selling/trading website. Feel free to look around at the links to your left. I have been a wrestling fan for fifteen years and been collecting tapes since 1996. I get most of my tapes from very good sellers with good reputations. Most of my tape quality is very good. If not, I will let you know in an e-mail. But quit reading this and get searching..

I'll be updating this site frequently as I add to my collection, so check back often!

Tape Update (09/18/05)

WWF Survivor Series 1987 (PPV copy)
WWF Survivor Series 1988 (PPV copy)
WWF WrestleMania IV
WWF The Big Event
WWF @ Madison Square Garden 12/17/79
WWF @ Madison Square Garden 04/22/86
WWF @ Boston Garden 09/10/88
WWF @ Philadelphia Spectrum 08/04/84
WWF SummerSlam 1997

ROH 2nd Anniversary Show (02/14/04)
ROH Glory By Honor (09/11/04)
ROH Midnight Express Reunion (10/02/04)

CZW Uncivilized
CZW A Night Of Infamy 3
CZW 5 Year Anniversary Show
CZW Overdrive
CZW Aftermath
CZW Street Fight 2k4

All Japan Pro Wrestling Hold Out Near Live 03/20/05
All Japan Pro Wrestling Heavy Fighting Yoyogi 07/26/05

Bobby Heenan Shoot Interview
Straight Shootin' With Jim Cornette And Bobby Heenan

NWA Crockett Cup 1986
NWA Crockett Cup 1987
NWA Crockett Cup 1988
NWA Television February - May 1987
NWA Television October 1986
NWA Television (06/13/87 - 06/27/87)
NWA Chi-Town Rumble
WCW House Show East Rutherford, NJ feat. War Games (07/31/91)
NWA Television (07/04/87 - 07/25/87)
NWA Television November - December 1987
WCW WrestleWar 1991
WCW WrestleWar 1992
WCW Great American Bash 1996
NWA Clash Of The Champions 5
NWA Clash Of The Champions 8
NWA Television September - October 1987
NWA Starrcade 1983 (terrible quality)
NWA Starrcade 1984 (bad quality but vaguely watchable)
NWA Starrcade 1985 (terrible quality)
NWA Starrcade 1989
NWA Television Summer 1987
NWA Television January 1988
NWA Television May - June 1987
NWA Clash Of The Champions 1
NWA Clash Of The Champions 3
NWA Telvision May 1987

OVW Television July 2004
OVW Television August 2004
OVW Television September 2004
OVW Television October 2004
OVW Television February 2005
OVW Television March 2005

IWS Know Your Enemies 2005

My Tape Collection
...well only half really.

Please let me know what you think of my collection and site!