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CZW Cage Of Death (10/16/99)
CZW A Night Of Main Events (02/05/00)
CZW Climbing The Ladder (02/12/00)
CZW They Said It Couldn't Be Done (06/25/00)
CZW Blood, Sweat And Violence (08/12/00)
CZW Crushing The Competion (02/10/01)
CZW Break On Thru (02/17/01)
CZW Destruction In Dover (02/28/01)
CZW War At Station 44 (03/10/01)
CZW Enter The Zone (03/17/01)
CZW Payback (04/04/01)
CZW The Boss Is Back (04/07/01)
CZW UnFNBelievable (04/14/01)
CZW Stretched In Smyrna (05/12/01)
CZW Best Of The Best (05/19/01)
CZW Take 1 (06/08/01)
CZW Breakaway Brawl (06/09/01)
CZW A New Beginning (07/07/01)
CZW H8 Club Dead? (07/14/01)
CZW What About Lobo? (07/28/01)
CZW Tables Ladders And Violence (08/18/01)
CZW They Said It Couldn't Be Done... Again (09/22/01)
CZW Cage Of Death 3 (12/15/01)
CZW Answering The Challenge (01/12/02)
CZW This Time It's Personal (02/09/02)
CZW Out With The Old, In With The New (03/09/02)
CZW Higher Level Of Pain (04/13/02)
CZW High Stakes (05/11/02)
CZW Best Of The Best 2 (06/08/02)
CZW Deja Vu (07/13/02)
CZW No Excuses (08/10/02)
CZW Ultraviolent Freedom Of Expression (09/14/02)
CZW Sanctioned In Blood (09/28/02)
CZW Beyond The Barrier (10/12/02)
CZW Havoc In Hellaware (10/26/02)
CZW Cage Of Death 4 (12/14/02)
CZW One More Time (12/28/02)
CZW Live Again (01/18/03)
CZW Divide And Conquer (03/08/03)
CZW Then And Now (05/10/03)
CZW Night Of Infamy 2 (11/15/03)
CZW Trifecta Elimination 2 (06/12/04)
CZW Possession (08/14/04)
CZW High Stakes 2: Afternoon Show (09/11/04)
CZW High Stakes 2: Night Show (09/11/04)
CZW Only The Strong (02/05/05)