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Friday, July 8, 2005

First Entry
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Alright this is going to be my wrestling blog. I am going to post some thoughts of what's currently going on in the wrestling world, and maybe even some reviews if you're lucky enough. But first let me go back and explain how I started reviewing, I did a review for a July 21st, 2003 New Japan Pro Wrestling PPV show and it got posted on a website, and I felt I accomplished something, but now that I look back on it almost two years later, I realize that maybe I focused too much on the actual play-by-play of the match, rather than my thoughts. So in this entry I'm going to post some of my more recent reviews, not finished the actual shows, but rather some matches from the shows. When I am finished reviewing the entire tape of the shows, I will then post them in it's entirety, but for now, here's a little sample: (oh and for those who don't know, JIP = Joined In Progress)

New Japan G-1 Climax ‘03 WPW Complete Edition (8/15 – 8/17)
I own the clipped version of most of the matches on this tape, and sadly it hurts the match quality, as most matches are clipped down, except the finals, which I’ve heard is awesome by all standards. So let’s find out if I think it lives up to the hype. On to Day # 5 (8/15) of the 2003 G1 Climax Tournament

Tadao Yasuda (4) vs. Yutaka Yoshie (2)
JIP. We open to Yasuda locking Yoshie in a headlock, and the crowd seems to be into this, chanting for Yoshie. Yasuda is really slow in this match, and gets his ass kicked by Yoshie with a FATNESS splash! Yoshie’s got some wicked faded blue hair here. Someone kicks Yoshie on the apron, but I couldn’t tell who, as Yoshie knocks him off immediately and then sends Yasuda down as well. The crowd is behind the blue haired fatman. Yasuda tries to sandbag Yoshie, but still gets dumped on his head by a suplex. Tries a second one and Yasuda with his ultra heel tactics, back kicks Yoshie in his nuts. I notice the crowd only responds or cares for when Yoshie is in control. Bad sign for Yasuda. He fights off more Makai Club members who jump on the apron and finishes Yasuda off with a very nice frog splash. (13:01, 5:29 shown) I’m glad they clipped this to mostly Yoshie on the offensive, but they started the clip with that boring headlock that went on for ages, I hate Yasuda and this match is a perfect example. The crowd was very non-responsive, but still a fun match only thanks to Yoshie. **

Osamu Nishimura (4) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (2)
JIP. Starts off with Tanahashi stretching Mr. Muga quite a bit, surprisingly. Sadly there’s a bit of stalling after Nishimura heads out to the floor. Crowd responds to Nishimura reversing a figure-four into a small cradle for 2. Another submission applied by Tanahashi, which smartly gets reversed by Nishimura. Lots of fun reversals here, and a few near-falls get the crowd into it more. Why is the Japanese the only crowd to ever give a damn about the spinning toe-hold?? I remember reading in Foley’s book that Terry Funk made it popular…anyways back to the match… Nishimura keeps Tanahashi locked in a figure four even after then U-30 Champion rolls outside the ring, that must have hurt. Both men struggle and pull each other outside as each attempts to get back in until it is Tanahashi who makes the 20 count and wins by countout. (14:03, 5:53 shown) I actually liked this match, the clipping job doesn’t seem as bad because they started the clip just at the end of the submission feeling out process and Tanahashi tried to wrestle submission style, which didn’t work, so he then went to some high impact moves, but Nishimura wouldn’t have any of it and worked more submissions in, which eventually caused his downfall. **1/2 (would have rated higher if I had seen the whole thing)

Yuji Nagata (3) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (4)
JIP. This begins with Nagata kicking the holy hell out of Nakamura. Nagata keeps punishing Nakamura for a bit, he fights back, even with a hurricanrana to no fan response. Heh. To think this guy would end up their champion in less than four months, but he hits a nice overhead belly to belly suplex on Nagata. Yuji slides out of the way of a Shining Wizard attempt (does everybody do that fucking move nowadays?!) Nakamura tries to duck a kick and runs face-first into a knee and he folds backwards, referee checks on him. Nagata, showing no sympathy, locks on a crippler crossface. Nakamura gets stretched for a bit, reaches the ropes and gets dropped on his head with a suplex as a receipt. Nakamura gets on the offense by blocking a kick, and locks on a front choke. Nagata rolls out of two sleeper attempts and then suplexes Nakamura on his head for a third attempt. Make that twice. Poor Nakamura. ..Make that three. Ouch. Which in turn results in a three count. (11:32, 5:39 shown) I’m indifferent to this match, didn’t get any reaction out of me, but still wasn’t boring. Entertaining little match, from what was shown, crowd didn’t respond much, even to those three suplexes. **

Manabu Nakanishi (4) vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan (4)
This is late in the tournament, which means Tenzan only has 4 points. JIP. Opens with Tenzan fighting out of a torture rack attempt by Nakanishi, but still gets dropped on his head and looks hurt. Tenzan gets lifted up into the torture rack. The crowd is into Tenzan big-time at this point, Nakanishi drops him, and the crowd pops at the two-count. Tenzan drops him with a suplex. Tenzan hits some forearms and hits the TTD for only a two count and the crowd yet again is still going crazy. Tenzan hit two lariats, and locks on the Anaconda Vice. Holy shit, Nakanishi just powered his way back to a standing position, while still in the hold…So Tenzan drops him with it again, and Nakanishi passes out. (14:50, 4:32 shown) The crowd was super-hot for Tenzan in this entire tournament, and this match is no different. Really fun back and forth stuff, but yet again this suffers from clipping. **1/2

Now for some random WrestleMania 10 ramblings:

Luna/BamBam vs. Doink/Dink
This match I had very low expectations for, but I actually found it entertaining when Luna and Dink were in the ring. Vince’s voice was really annoying in this match. Dink kept trying to challenge Bam Bam. It’s a fun little comedy match. Luna showed a lot of ass with what she’s wearing, considering it’s 1994 WWF. This is a good example of the fact that WWF crowds really enjoyed every aspect of the program. As far as a wrestling aspect, there isn’t much. Bam Bam knocks Dink off the apron and finishes off Doink with a headbutt. Fun match, and they kept it short. Post-match, Dink keeps challenging Bam Bam and Dink’s mask almost comes totally off as Bam Bam gets a handful of it. Entertaining and short.

Vince sounds like he’s having an orgasm as they locate Bill Clinton in the crowd, I.R.S is calmly sitting behind him.

Falls Count Anywhere:
Randy Savage vs. Crush
This was Macho’s last WrestleMania, as he jumped to WCW by the next year. Savage attacks Crush in the aisleway. Weird rules for this one, as you have to pin your man outside the ring and return to the ring within 60 seconds. Whatever. Crush gets the first pinfall after dropping Savage onto the guardrail. Cool little near-finish as Savage gets to the ring but Mr. Fuji hits him with the flag, and Savage barely rolls in with one second left. Kinda kills the impact of the move if you have to roll his ass outside. Fuji dumps water on Crush and he breaks the count. They brawl into the Savage gets control and drops him with the elbow, rolls him outside and pins him and works crowd a bit so Crush gets up and drops Randy with a crescent kick. They brawl backstage and Savage gets a pinfall and ends up hanging Crush upside down, and Savage heads back to the ring and dumps Fuji on his ass and gets the 60 second count and wins.

The President, Bill Clinton then says he’s been a wrestling fan for a long time. I.R.S then gets on the mic and compliments Clinton on raising the taxes. Haha.

Savage gets lost and cuts a promo outside the arena.

...As you can tell I didn't finish very much of that show, but if I find it again I promise to finish the review. Well that's really all for now since it's just past 1:00 AM, and I need some sleep. Comment if you'd like. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Jeremy at 1:07 AM EDT

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