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Thursday, August 11, 2005

WWF Invasion 2001 pt. 1
WWF Invasion 07.22.01
Michael Cole and J.R on commentary for this show.

Lance Storm and Mike Awesome (Alliance) vs. Edge and Christian (WWF)
J.R gets points for bringing up the WCW and ECW accomplishments of Awesome and Storm. Christian attempts a springboard over the top but catches his right leg on the top and lands badly onto Awesome and Storm. Man, this match makes me miss Christian and Edge. They really were quite the team together. This was during the storyline of Christian being jealous of Edge for being King Of The Ring 2001, which was pretty creative booking. Awesome just doesn’t look as “awesome” without the mullet.

The arena is really foggy, I hate pyro. Christian does my favorite running spot as he slides under and gets the ring post into the ribcage. Storm really works over the ribs of Christian and I love it. Crowd really pops for Edge breaking up a pinfall. For some reason I can’t really get into this match. Backdrop from the second rope by Christian onto Awesome, which leads to Christian making the hot tag. I’ve never understood the hate for Edge (Matt Hardy situation withstanding) but I’ve never found him to be anything terrible inside the ring.

Damn, this crowd gets hot for the near-fall, which Christian turns, and inside package around with Edge on Storm. All four guys get in the ring and the crowd is really into it, and if it weren’t 1 AM here, I’d really love this right about now. Fucking sweet ending! Awesome goes for a power bomb on Edge, but Christian catches Awesome in mid-ring with a spear and Edge lands on Awesome. Michael Cole brings up that Christian used Edge’s finisher to win the match, subtly hinting at the feud.

Haha @ Vince using a Revolutionary War reference while talking to William Regal.

Nick Patrick (Alliance) vs. Earl Hebner (WWF)
Mick Foley is the special referee for this match between…well…referees. Man, these referees coming to the ring do NOT look intimidating at all. I try hard not to laugh at them. But here is a good example of how hot WWE was back then. The crowd pops for 7 WWF officials walking to the ring. Well it might not be a five-star classic but you couldn’t say they weren’t motivated.

Michael Cole: “Here is a man extremely loyal to the WWF” For what? Selling merchandise? Anyways, that was just too easy to pass up. Foley keeps the referees apart at ringside. Hebner throws some decent forearms that would make Misawa quiver in his green wrestling boots. Holy crap, some blonde WWF official just dove across the ringside area and clocked WCW official Charles Robinson in the head! That was worth a mark-out there. So Foley tosses all the referees from ringside. YOU WILL RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAY! A few seconds later Hebner gets the pinfall win, short, sweet, and pretty entertaining. Oh wait we have the obligatory Mr. Socko spot, with the victim being Nick Patrick.

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire (Alliance) vs. A.P.A. (WWF)
WCW Tag champs take on the WWF Tag champs here. Starts out like it should, a hate-filled brawl. Bradshaw no-sells O’Haire’s offense, so Palumbo stiffs him into selling, which doesn’t last long. I feel the A.P.A had worn out their welcome by this point, at least I had gotten sick of them. Everyone seems motivated here, which is another noticeable difference I see between 2001 and 2005. O’Haire heels it up on the floor and pounds the shit out of Faarooq. Hot tag to Bradshaw and he kicks Palumbo’s face off. O’Haire and Palumbo show off some sweet double-team moves, and Palumbo misses a kick on Faarooq, so Bradshaw didn’t like that and clotheslines him for the win. This match didn’t have much substance, but I sure didn’t hate it.

Billy Kidman (Alliance) vs. X-Pac (WWF)
Champion vs. Champion again here. Crowd doesn’t respond at all to X-Pac. Paul Heyman cut a motivating promo to Kidman before the match here. J.R. brings up how X-Pac got fired by WCW..Fed-Ex style. The crowd is dripping with X-Pac heat here. Kidman is so obviously the face here as he shows up X-Pac a few times and the crowd pops. Sweet little sliding bulldog out on the floor from the ring by Kidman. X-Pac with a decent springboard plancha and the crowd shits on it immediately. I mean, even when he was decent the crowd hated him. I never noticed at this point, but of course I wasn’t watching WWF at this point for personal reasons, and boy do I regret it.

Somehow X-Pac has his bandanna still on his greasy head over five minutes into this match. Crowd is so dead for this match, and it’s sad because the match really isn’t that bad at all. Kidman with a stiff elbow to X-Pac’s jaw and I mark out. X-Pac is blown up before the ten-minute mark here, and falls for the DO NOT POWERBOMB KIDMAN maneuver. Hehe. Kidman flies off the top and X-Pac catches him with the X-Factor in mid-air to a good crowd reaction, which was pretty fuckin’ sweet. He sets up for the Bronco Buster and the crowd shits on it again, Kidman boots him in the balls, hits the SSP perfectly and gets the win. I love me some Kidman.

Raven (Alliance) vs. William Regal (WWF)
Raven goes back to his ECW attire here, and I mark out like no tomorrow. Regal was doing the commissioner gimmick at the time. Regal steps into the ring and Raven rolls his eyes. I might be biased here due to my love of Raven, so gimme a break. Cole brings up how Regal grinds the forearm into the jaw and face of the person as he is pinning them, something I always loved. Raven gets a nasty slingshot over the top rope. Raven hits his Russian Legsweep into the barricade and it just doesn’t look as good because it’s not against the metal guard railing, which helped the impact of the move. Then Raven hits a lazy clothesline and I cry.

I think the crowd is a little bit burned out by this point. Ouch, Regal rolled through into a pinning combination and went over his head and looks like it could have broken his neck. Regal goes for consistent covers and reverses Raven’s Evenflow DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex for a two. Both men connect heads and Raven hits the floor, but here comes Taz! Suplex while the ref wasn’t looking! DDT! Victory for Raven! Wow, Regal’s “pissed off” facial expression is creepy.

Kanyon, Shawn Stasiak, Hugh Morrus vs. Billy Gunn, The Big Show, Albert
Sweet stereo press slams by the WWF guys to start off. I’m not sure if this is before or during the fucking abysmal “The One” gimmick by Gunn. Kanyon bumps like a motherfucker for Gunn’s offense. I have never taken Stasiak seriously after the “Meat” gimmick. The WCW guys have been getting destroyed for the first few minutes here and the crowd is on its feet early on. Gunn beats the shit out of the WCW guys all by himself and I cry, but Stasiak drops Gunn with a reverse DDT with Morrus getting the pinfall. Well the WCW team hits all of 3 moves in five minutes and gets the win. But would they let WCW maintain their heat with the win? Naaah! Big Show then destroys all three men.

Taz (ECW) vs. Tajiri (WWF)
Oh man.. this makes me long for Heat Wave 99 again.. Anyways Taz (I refuse the second z) was fat by this point and comes out in his “13” jumpsuit. No barbed wire at the entranceway here so this might not be as great. And here comes Tajiri with the lame stereotypical Japanese theme. Man, I never knew Tajiri can throw some vicious chops. Taz drops Tajiri with a nice clothesline, and J.R brings up that this really is an ECW alumni match. Ooh, they even mention the Heatwave encounter. Taz using some submission work and I’m impressed. This is some entertaining back and forth stuff. Taz looks kind of odd with a sadistic smile on his face. I’m used to seeing him with no expression, well other than being pissed off. Taz runs into the Tarantula, I miss seeing Tajiri on RAW now… Dropkick to the face, and DAMN that was a hot two count. Even I expected it to end. Taz catches Tajiri in mid-kick and drops him with a head-and-arm Tazplex. Green mist and a kick to the head later and Tajiri goes over and the crowd pops. Really fun match there. But.. shouldn’t Regal feel like a bitch for having Tajiri do his dirty work? Just a thought..

Backstage RVD jumps Matt Hardy with a chair. Hell yes.

In what seems like a shoot…Hardcore Holly punks out some kid with a WCW shirt on at WWF New York.. and if it wasn’t a shoot, then it was a rib on Holly for being a jackass.

Posted by Jeremy at 4:01 AM EDT

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