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Thursday, August 11, 2005

WWF Invasion 2001 pt. 2
Rob Van Dam (Alliance) vs. Jeff Hardy (WWF)
This lame Pantera rip-off bothers me to no end. Hardy starts off fast, and man did RVD ever make people care about that Hardcore title, because his matches were worth seeing. Crowd chants for RVD. He then gets his face dropkicked into the turnbuckle. Jeff’s “Compactor” move was pretty sweet, but it couldn’t win him a match, too loose of a pinfall. J.R brings up RVD’s ego for the second time and I laugh. I used to hate RVD for his ego but around the time he gave up the TV title I couldn’t help but love him. Four minutes into this “hardcore title match” and not a single weapon, but the crowd is still hot for it. Holy shit, RVD gets shoved off the top rope all the way to the corner barricade. Always a scary spot.

Jeff attempts his running the barricade and RVD catches him and clotheslines him into the first row. RVD hits a moonsault off the hockey rink boards to an ECW chant. It makes me wonder if Cleveland was an ECW hotspot. RVD with a beautiful corkscrew legdrop onto Hardy who is draped on the barricade. Crowd is solidly behind RVD at this point. Hardy with a sunset flip power bomb over the top onto the floor. Hardy pulls out a ladder, and this match is reaching ten minutes before the first weapon, I’m impressed, holy shit this ladder is 20 feet tall. Wow.. Hardy is pushed from the top of the ladder all the way onto the floor. J.R pulls off his “How do you learn to fall from a 20 foot ladder” which is heard on every WWE Don’t Try This At Home segment. Anyways, I love this match so far.

Wow…two quotes from that segment in this match. HOLY FUCK. Van Terminator and Hardy falls in the hole in the middle of the stage. This is how you do a “hardcore” match. No need for any real weapons like fire extinguishers and shit. Back in the ring now, RVD hits a skateboard dropkick with the chair, but gets his split-legged moonsault countered, and holy shit this crowd is eating this up. RVD takes a DDT and a German Suplex on his neck and still kicks out. Hardy is bleeding possibly hardway. Hardy misses the Swanton bomb and the crowd is on its feet. RVD hits the Five-Star Frog Splash onto the Hardcore title, which is on Jeff and gets the pinfall. Wow.. that wasn’t really a “spot-fest” J.R. was right in saying that was one of the best matches he’s seen in a long time, and I agree, and I don’t understand why this match doesn’t get as much love from the internet community, ah whatever, this match is definitely worth searching out for.

Lita and Trish Stratus (WWF) vs. Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson (Alliance)
Bleh.. bra and panties. Blah the WWF girls win this match, whatever, I like ice cream. NEXT! Oh wait, Foley’s appearance #2, as he ends up the referee here too.

Inaugural Brawl:
Booker T, DDP, The Dudleyz and Rhyno (Alliance) vs. Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Kane and Undertaker (WWF)
Fight starts in the aisle way as Austin makes his entrance. Really big brawl as the WCW/ECW guys get their asses kicked around. I never thought I’d see Austin and Rhyno in a WWF PPV main event starting off the match, but here I am seeing it. More fog in this arena due to DDP’s pyro entrance. Damnit. Rhyno almost falls backwards off the top rope, and Austin uses a superplex within the first five minutes. Crowd is so solidly behind the WWF guys.

I never understood why they never booked then WWF Champ Austin vs. then WCW Champ Booker. Jericho in control with a beautiful springboard dropkick, and drops Booker with the same. Crowd is beyond hot for this match. Really well built storyline up to this point, and I can’t emphasize that enough. I really with the Dudleys had gone back to the tie-dye shirts and their old ECW wear for this storyline. Cole calls a neckbreaker/suplex by the Dudleys a 3-D and thankfully J.R corrects him quickly. Heyman “woo”ing along with the crowd as Bubba chops Kane is entertaining.

Undertaker catches everyone on the apron sleeping and drops ‘em except DDP drops ‘Taker across the top rope throat-first. Rhyno gores ‘Taker in the corner and tags in the coward DDP. I’m surprised that DDP got in some offense, now we’ve got Booker and Austin in the ring, and I laugh my ass off as Booker attempts and armbar and Austin simply pokes him in the eye. A little bit of front-row brawling never hurt anybody. Jericho beats on Booker and DDP at the same time for a few seconds as well. Am I the only one who gets scared every time Jericho does the Lionsault ever since the Hayabusa incident?

Jericho in the barbed wire tights gets a mark-out point from me. Jericho makes the hot tag to Kurt and he destroys both Dudleys by himself. I’ve noticed the theme of the night, which is WWF destroying WCW and ECW.. *look at the six-man for proof* Didn’t Rhyno and Kurt have a good match on RAW for the U.S title the following month after this? I should track that down sometime. Heyman does not look good in a suit either.. He needs the trench coat and the passes around the neck. Austin clotheslines DDP’s head off and is really fired up, the crowd chants his name, as Kurt plays the “face in peril” role.

DDP uses a Cobra Clutch into a slam for a two count. Jericho and ‘Taker are on opposite corners rallying the crowd into this match. Bubba distracts the ref as Kurt tags Austin, I love that heel tag move. All hell breaks loose and Rhyno accidentally gores Booker T and I long to hear Joey Styles or Paul Heyman scream “GORE! GORE!” ‘Taker drops DDP with a chokeslam, I have no clue who the fuck is legal in this match anymore. WCW referee Charles Robinson gets dropped with a Last Ride. Undertaker chases DDP out of the arena in all this chaos. I love it. I love this unpredictability of all this here. There’s a doctor over with Austin about his knee. So much is going on right now. The Dudleys double-team Kane on the floor and throw him into the stairs.

Kane chokeslams D-Von through the American announce table. That should be proof of how chaotic this is… oh wait.. Kane gets double-suplexed through the Spanish one. So that point is void. Jericho dives off the apron and knocks Rhyno through a table propped up at the corner of the guardrail. Everyone is down here. Michael Cole asks who the hell is the legal man, and I’m wondering the same thing here. They replay all three tables breaking. Holy fuck Angle drops Booker on his head with a German Suplex and locks in the ankle lock, which Booker kicks out of and sends the ref out of the ring. Well now everyone is down. You can Paul Heyman cheering on Booker from the floor. Somehow in this chaos Shane hits Vince with the title belt. Kurt takes out Shane and Bubba Ray. Angle Slam on Booker, crowd is going crazy. Austin’s up, he wakes up the ref and drops Angle with the Stunner. J.R. really sells the heel turn, and the way it happened was just so out-there. He slid into the ring and automatically kicked Angle in the face. Much better heel turn here than at WrestleMania XVII. However I don’t understand why they did it, as if they felt the WCW/ECW team didn’t have a name that could draw.

Well, I felt that during the six man and the main event the WWF guys got a little too much offense in, to the point where the 6-man was a bit offending. We all know where this “invasion” angle went from here, but I think this was the high point of the storyline. I also wonder how well the angles of the night would have came across had Paul Heyman been in Michael Cole’s position and called the show along with J.R as a heel color commentator. The main event was good, but shades lower than the Survivor Series main event. However, I do recommend this show to anyone who wants to see how to do the invasion angle well. Plus, the Hardcore title match is well worth searching out, as it is a highly entertaining 12 minutes of my life, and it would be the same for you.

Posted by Jeremy at 4:02 AM EDT

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